2201 January Newsletter

WEBSITE UPDATE Last month the Kaubisch website went through a big change. Have you seen it yet? All the information is still there, it just may be in a new location. For example, if you want sites that help you find books, it is now under “Find Information”, “Recommended Websites”. If there is ever anything else you need to find, just stop in or call to ask! COMPUTER LESSONS Computer lessons are available in the Reference Dept. The regularly scheduled class will be Thursday, January 6 at 1PM. There will also be one the following week starting at 10AM on Wednesday, January 12. If you cannot make those dates or times, please stop in or call the library and we’ll set up something. We have started using the Northstar Digital Literacy program that allows people to take online courses to build up their computer skills. It starts with the most basic lessons, such as figuring out the different parts of a computer, and learning what they do. Later it expands to the internet, email, using Windows, the various Microsoft programs, and even social media. You can learn more about it via its website: https://www.digitalliteracyassessment.org/ People can go at their own pace with these courses. If you have any questions along the way, staff member Alex Theis can help. And if you have specific questions about a program or device, please feel free to ask those during this time. VERY SHORT INTRODUCTIONS Is there a subject you are interested in learning, even just a casual curiosity? American Poetry? The Hellenistic Age? Volcanoes? The database titled “Very Short Introductions” has hundreds of topics from which to choose. To locate a topic, you can search alphabetically, by subject, or type in a keyword. Once you find a topic, it will list various subject headings for it, and you can go through them all or click on the one(s) that interest you most. To the left is an example of what you would find if you searched “William Shakespeare”. This site is located in the Kaubisch website under the tab “Find Information”, then “Research Databases”. From there click on the letter “V” and it is the only database listed. Kaubisch Memorial Public Library 205 Perry St. Fostoria, OH 44830 Ph. 419-435-2813 Hours: Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm Friday & Saturday 9am-2pm Website: fostoria.lib.oh.us Email (for general inquiries): kaubisch@seolibraries.org Beanstack: fostoria.beanstack.org WINTER READING CHALLENGE ENDS JANUARY 8/9 The Beanstack Winter Holidays Challenge officially ends Sunday, January 9. Make sure you turn in those virtual tickets for a chance at the weighted blanket or Godiva Hot Chocolate/Coffee gift set. If you are participating in the challenge by turning in physical tickets, you only have until the library closes at 2PM on Saturday, January 8. It’s not too late if you still want to participate! Log in to Beanstack to earn badges (and tickets) by reading and/or doing some different winter activities/making new recipes. On the site there is an “Adult Fiction Holiday/Winter Reads” Book List if you need book suggestions. They include several genres as well, such as mystery, romance, LGBT, and more.