Volunteers enhance the capabilities of the library staff.  While not a substitute for staff, Volunteers provide a valuable community service by assisting the staff in fulfilling the library’s mission in the community.



All volunteers must be 14 years of age or older and commit to working at least two hours a week.  Those who wish to volunteer must fill out a Volunteer application.  The Library Director will review the application and contact the applicant for a brief interview.


Job Duties:

Volunteers work under the supervision of the library staff and perform various jobs.  Jobs may include: shelving books, and other material, book repair, maintaining periodicals, data entry, collection inventory, assisting at book sales, assisting patrons with computers, and other special projects.  At the discretion of the Director, qualified volunteers may be permited to perform duties involving patron records and the charging and discharging of patron records.  Each library volunteer will receive specific training for the assigned duties.



Volunteers are required to uphold the confidentiality of all transactions between library users and staff and volunteers.  This includes any information about what materials a patron request, views, or checks out.


Attendance/Record of Time:

Volunteers are expected to commit to a set schedule and report on time.  Volunteers who are not able to fulfill their schedule due to illness or vacation are asked to inform the staff.  Volunteers should dress appropriately for the library business environment.  Volunteers are asked to wear a volunteer name badge while working.



When a volunteer has decided to end their work experience with the Library, the Director should be notified.   A volunteer will be considered inactive if he or she has been absent for two months without notice.

                                                            VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES


Please indicate how you would like to volunteer your time:



_________Opening Assistant – Help with the morning preparations before the library opens to the public.  Empty the book drop, clean DVD’s, shelve books, DVD’s, CD’s, check the newspapers, clean and maintain computer keyboards and peripherals.



_________ Shelver – (shelve books, DVD’s, CD’s) Will work in both the Adult and Children’s area.  Must know the alphabet and numerical order.  Will straighten and tidy shelves.  Will “read” shelves to make sure that items that are already on the shelves are in exact order.


_________ Children’s Program Helper – Assist staff with summer reading programs, craft programs, and other tasks as requested.





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